ChatGPT Pro Gamer Tip

So if you know me, you know I love self-help books and I collect too many and don’t read enough of them (as they’re overfilled with anecdotes and only a few actual points). Also I keep finding new ones I’m interested in.

Well, ChatGPT solves this problem. You can ask it for a summary of a book that you don’t have any access to, and it will miraculously generate the contents for you. And that’s with as much detail, in whatever format. For example:

Thanks again, ChatGPT!

You can also follow-up asking for clarifications and examples if you didn’t fully comprehend something.

I found this out when I was showing my little brother ChatGPT and I wondered if ChatGPT could do his English homework. The answer was yes. Be sure to exploit this as much as possible before they take it offline :)

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