I Miss MSN Statuses

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Anyone else remember setting their status on MSN Messenger before Facebook took over?

Everyone was on that platform at the time, and if you were online you were expected to reply instantly. Crazy times.

For your status you’d usually just write what you were doing, or passive-aggressively signal that you were mad at someone. Definitely fun as an adolescent.

Reminiscing today, I realized that I felt genuinely good thinking about what I would write that would make me seem interesting and represented me. But it wasn’t the posting that was interesting, it was the reflection. Because how often does someone really care about what you’re thinking on a deep level? About how you’re feeling and the nuances? Usually, it’s just you (and your therapist). It’s nice, having someone ask how you’re feeling and then actually committing and thinking seriously about it, even if that someone is yourself.

So, how have you been feeling recently? And what are you going to do about it?

PS - I know there are apps nowadays that ask you for your status, whether it’s Facebook or those reflection apps. I’ve even tried some, but somehow they feel artificial, my responses feel canned.

It’s as though we all know they’re just collecting data. Do you know what I mean?

Got any ideas on how to address that?

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