Why Does Creation Happen in Silence?

This morning I read Creation happens in silence, a short and sweet blog post about how the vital moments of the creative process happens in silence, and often in isolation.

I think there are advantages to sharing your work as quickly as possible, but I agree that the initial synthesis should be done alone with one’s thoughts.

Procrastinators like me often don’t realize the importance of this space and may not understand why it’s so hard to get started. The reason why we need this tranquility to begin the process is because the first steps are messy and weak. You see, procrastinators are perfectionists who see this grand perfect vision, and the first draft never lives up that expectation. 1

But you can’t get started without making a first, ugly move, and so you just get stuck.

ChatGPT Pro Gamer Tip

So if you know me, you know I love self-help books and I collect too many and don’t read enough of them (as they’re overfilled with anecdotes and only a few actual points). Also I keep finding new ones I’m interested in.

Well, ChatGPT solves this problem. You can ask it for a summary of a book that you don’t have any access to, and it will miraculously generate the contents for you. And that’s with as much detail, in whatever format. For example:

Thanks again, ChatGPT!

3 Tips for Navigating the Startup Journey: Lessons Learned from a Former Facebook Engineer

Mindset Books

I started my career as an engineer at Facebook before leaving to build a startup. Transitioning from a well-defined engineering individual contributor role to a nebulous startup leadership role meant a lot of falling on my face and a lot of lessons learned.

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind if you’re starting on this journey and want to fail less than I did.

1. Focus on What Matters by Zooming Out

In every context, it’s important to not get stuck on unimportant details.

When building an early stage startup your time is one of the few resources you can spend, so you better be spending it wisely.

The Process Is the Goal

It’s January 1st 2023, so I imagine everyone is making their New Years’ Resolutions. I want to talk about setting these goals and how it helps us.

Setting Goals for 2023

I recently read a blog article titled The Power of Starting Again, which talks about the invigoration of restarting the new year with a clean slate. I appreciate the sentiment of encouraging action, but I think the reasoning is off.

Specifically, I’d like us to not focus as hard on the goals themselves.